We cannot wait to see what story you want to bring to life and look forward to knowing you more! WE'VE OPENED UP PITCHFEST TO OCEANIA


  • You have an idea and dreams about telling a story via film, tv series, or a game.

  • You are open to constructive feedback to make the story as best as possible.

  • You must have the legal rights to work & incorporate a company in New Zealand

  • You must be at least 18 years old.

  • You must own the intellectual property (IP) of the story you are submitting.


2 videos, maximum of 3 minutes each.

PROJECT VIDEO: Tell us about your project and where it currently stands. (Will be shown at Pitchfest, if selected for Round 1.)

  • Logline, synopsis, tone, characters

  • Does the story have legs, and how?

  • What will make it fun to work on?

  • Where do you seek Floating Rock’s help?

PERSONAL VIDEO: Tell us about yourself and your potential team. (This will be for internal review only.)

  • Who are you? Your background, personality, experience etc.

  • Why are you the right person to work with?

  • What drives you to make this story?


  • Within form:

    • Agreement with Terms and Conditions

    • Your contact details, address, and bank account number (for payment if you make it through to Stage 1)

    • A title card of your project & profile picture(s)

    • Social account @'s

    • Link to 3 minute video of personal introduction - for internal review

    • Demographic survey

  • Link to your powerpoint to be presented at Pitchfest
    (to present in a 10 minute slot on the day if you're through to Stage 1)

    • 1-2 slides to introduce yourself (~ 2 minutes)

    • 1 page with your embedded 3 minute video of project (3 minutes)

      • .mp4 (not .mov). We run it through a Windows machine. Mac related apps do not hold formatting and layout.

    • Last page for questions title card (approx 5 minutes)

*These are the minimum requirements.

If you have more content relating to your IP that you’d like to share, feel free to attach with your application.

Submissions open 16 August

Submissions open 16 August

Please see the guidelines in what your pitch video should include to the left
and come back for updates.

5th Pitchfest TBC

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